We had a mixed breed dog that we raised from a puppy. Tippy was her name. She was a loving, loyal dog. I remember her having a litter of pups and we found them homes. When my parents divorced, my Mother took on a live-in job to help a widower raise his three children. I went with her, but Tippy couldn’t go with us. My mother gave her to a friend. Later, I wondered why we never went to visit Tippy. Mom then had to tell me that Tippy wouldn’t eat and finally died. I realized it wasn’t a lack of food that killed her, it was a broken heart. I had trouble forgiving​ my mother, and blamed her for Tippy’s death. I later realized mom did what she thought was best at the time. I learned that dogs are more than just animals, they were created in love to befriend and comfort us. The love they have for us is everlasting, and with separation they grieve for us as we would a family member who lives on in our hearts and memories.  2017


Priscilla Update

UPDATE…March 10, 2017

Tonight Priscilla died at home. She appeared to recover from the vaccinations reaction of three years ago. But the devastating health problems remained within and her health deteriorated. I have documents from the Vets that administered the yearly vaccinations, and the diagnosis of her condition of three years ago that demanded no more vaccinations.

I was never warned by the Vet about vaccinations. I thought I was doing right by protecting my dog’s health when all along I put her on a slippery slope!
Please consider the vaccination danger involved. Veterinarians tell you the risk is small, a low percentage. But when it happens to your dog, it’s a 100% loss of your beloved pet.

Precious Priscilla

I was so anxious Friday, March 3. Priscilla had a grooming appointment and due to her age and health, I continued to pray to the Lord for protection and strength to endure the procedure, and to keep her calm and at peace. She didn’t want to be there for the last few appointments, and was excited to see me return for those rides home.

Well, this is the last professional groom for her! I thought we were going to lose her. I’ve never seen her so weak. When home again I placed her on the floor and she laid down struggling to breathe. After a while, I picked her up onto her feet and she swayed, weak in the knees. I held her in the recliner for a while to continue to soothe her. I called Darrell and told him to come home as soon as possible saying, “she might not recover.” In time, I carried her outside to use the bathroom. She did walk forward and went both ways. So I thought ok, all is working there. Later on she ate her dinner and continued to calm the labored breathing.
PTL she continues to recover to the state prior to the groom. With her age and health condition due to the vaccinations reaction she’ll never be the same, and now we need to treat her ever so gently. I’m so thankful to God that He did hear me and my concerns for Priscilla.

I’m so embarrassed that I thought He didn’t hear me, as I kept saying, “I did trust you, I did trust you” as the tears flowed freely. How easy it is to doubt! May He continue to help my unbelief : (

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