Loving the Living

I heard this story with a great message…
There was a woman (Mary) who was to marry a soldier (Paul) during wartime. He was being shipped overseas, so they decided to wait for marriage until his safe return.
In the meantime his soldier brother (Pete) was due to visit stateside for two weeks while both brothers were on leave.
Paul couldn’t make it home due to action overseas, but Pete arrived and was met by his future sister-in-law, Mary, at the train station. Mary showed Pete the town, and they celebrated keeping Paul in their hearts.
Pete and Mary fell in love, and they decided to marry before Pete’s leave was up.
Upon arriving back to his post, Pete learned his brother had been killed in action. Mary had known of Paul’s death but hadn’t told Pete.
Mary’s reasoning was that yes, we are to reverence our deceased ones. But how much more we’re to treasure our living loved ones while we still have them.
Made me think! How about you?