Today I caught the conversation of a father telling of his working, caring for his children, and doing the household chores of dishwashing, laundry, and cooking.
I responded by saying I didn’t raise my boys to do dishes, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. I expected them to eventually have wives who would assume the roles of homekeeping.
Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. I had my sons later in life, and that put them in a different world of grownups. Today, most mothers ‘and’ fathers of families need to bring home paychecks in order to survive.
Many young children of today’s world spend hours of their lives in daycare apart from both their parents.
What have we done to parents, children, and families? 💔
PTL for husbands/fathers like my three sons who see the need and lovingly adapt ❤


Author: PeneB

I'm a Christian, Bible student, dog lover, hiker, woods wanderer, river rover, cavern cavorter, petit poet. I write also using the pen names of May Lyn and Penny Mahlyn

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