“Tall Pines State Preserve”

We took our first hike around Gloucester County’s first State Park, formerly Tall Pines Golf Course, and Ron Jaworski’s Golf Course.
This place is so immense that you could probably hike and not encounter anyone else. But we did come upon a bird photographer, and four peeps walking dogs. Also was surprised by three huge unleashed dogs, followed by their three teens. They came running up on Priscilla. I was afraid they might be too aggressive towards her so I picked her up. I told the young men they were supposed to have the dogs leashed. One said, it’s ok, they won’t bite. I said, but you don’t know what my dog would do! So they apologized and we all moved on. Glad they were kind young men, and maybe next time they’ll follow the rules!
PeneB 11/2016
Tall Pines State Preserve is a 111-acre nature preserve in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The reserve opened in November 2015, and is Gloucester County’s first state park.


Author: PeneB

I'm a Christian, Bible student, dog lover, hiker, woods wanderer, river rover, cavern cavorter, petit poet. I write also using the pen names of May Lyn and Penny Mahlyn

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