Mazda and a Movie

​Took the Mazda for service today. I was glad to be the first one waiting. That meant I had control of the TV remote. I put my fave channel on, TCM…love the classics. Movie starting was a 1943 drama with some song and dance. Another lady arrived to wait. I asked her if she liked the classics. She said, “Yes, some of them.” We were watching and enjoying the film when another lady passing by commented on the movie. She said, “Oh, the good old days!” I turned to her and smiled, but then gave that a second thought. You see, the lady watching with me was darker skinned, and I wondered what she thought of the comment. This film contained a few scenes of darker skinned domestic help as most employed as such were in the 1940s. I wondered if she agreed they were ‘the good old days’? My vehicle was ready first. After paying I thanked my viewing partner for watching with me and said, “I enjoyed your company.” She said she enjoyed me too. We sometimes make comments without thinking first. In these days of racial unrest we must be careful to be thoughtful of others. Agree? 

~PMCBurkey September 2016