I Love You

‚ÄčI had to Learn to Say, ‘I Love You.

Not hearing those words growing up, they didn’t come easily to me.

It wasn’t until I was 17 and visiting my sister that I witnessed saying ‘I Love You’ comes easily and naturally between family members.

I remember the day Mom and I were leaving to head back home. ‘I Love You’ wanted to come out of my mouth, but it was then that I realized it needed to come out of my heart. 

In today’s society, I believe we’ve grown and left the Victorian era of staid emotional display.

Today, ‘Love you’ is heard between many family members and friends.

May I make a suggestion?  Please add the ‘I’ to make it more personal and heartfelt. 

And at bedtime when you meet with your children for prayers and blessings ask them, “How have I shown you today that I Love You?”

PMCBurkey (2016)