My Nightmare Before Christmas

My Nightmare Before Christmas…
When all through the store
People were coughing, sneezing, and more
The available route
Was only self-checkout
I scanned the items and paid
Then went into a tirade…
I couldn’t open the plastic bag !!
I yelled for help, guess he thought me a nag…
He said, “Lick your fingers, it’s the only way.”
I yelled, “That’s a terrible thing to say !!
“No never. I won’t relent,
“And you’re the Grinch of Christmas Present !!”
~PMCBurkey 12/2015


Santa’s sleigh will be missing
 one of his deer this year.
Her life spared, I was wishing,
 but knew there’d be tears.
She was broken and bleeding,
 and not long for breathing.
     She just couldn’t beat
      the cars on the street.
Beautiful Creatures have
 no where to go,
They’re born, they calve,
 they wander in snow.
They roam forests and fields,
 and assume we will yield.
With innocence and trust
  they live dust to dust.
Why go spirits of men, upward
  and spirits of beasts, downward ?
PMCBurkey 12/2015

On the way to the Vets for Priscilla’s med refill, policeman had traffic stopped both ways. He was directing cars around the injured deer in the middle of the road. She was breathing, we could see her breath in the headlights, her eyes were open, but she was bleeding from the mouth. I felt so helpless for her in her dazed state. I said, “What will they do with her if she doesn’t get up?” I guess going to the Vets made me think they’d get help for her. Darrell said, “If she doesn’t get up, the Cop will put her down.”
Oh Lord, please help your Beautiful Creatures  😥