South Jersey Happenings

It was a terrible storm here yesterday for the damage. We have trees and fence down, lots of debris, flipped canoe, no electric, but we have our lives! When storm passed, had full view of rainbow arch, then a beautiful, silent, light show went on display in the dark heavens. I still like to watch the lightning : )

Waiting to see if they designate tornado damage or derecho. Remember the derecho of 2012?
Happened at night. I was hearing horrific growlings in the violent winds. I wanted to get up out of bed and look out windows but was so scared of the noise, I just stayed in bed and prayed!
PMCBurkey, June 23, 2015


Another Angel Entertained ?

You remember the saying, “I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet?”

I’ve been experiencing a skin condition that so far is beyond diagnosis. The use of steroid injections/creams/ointments/gels seem to keep it to a minimum while nothing eliminates it for good.

Yesterday a woman pulled up to a store and got out of her car. I was just getting into ours. She saw Priscilla and was speaking kindly to her. Priscilla started barking. I turned to the woman to say I was sorry for the barking, and what I saw was beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Her face, neck, and all exposed skin was covered with…I don’t know how to describe the condition…cysts, moles, warts, tumors? 

I felt so bad for her, and yet, she didn’t seem to be discomfited by our meeting. Maybe she’s lived with the condition for a long time. Maybe she’s more at peace within herself and God than I am right now. This reminds me that there’s always someone worse off than myself. Maybe she was put in my path for this purpose. Another angel entertained unawares?
PMCBurkey 2015