Swimming, drowning, summer, river, safety

Kids love to play in and around the water, so it makes sense to give all kids swimming lessons.

A factor not to overlook is river awareness. Teach your kids to never go swimming in a river after a storm. Storms come and go, but they may leave a river flooded with downed trees and other debris.

My sixteen year old brother was a lifeguard and a very good swimmer. But that didn’t protect him when he and a friend went river swimming after a flash flood. The boys were being carried swiftly down river. My brother managed to help his friend get safely ashore then went back in for another swim. He went under the water and when he came up a fast moving log hit him on the head. He went down again and was later found washed ashore. My brother’s swimming ability didn’t save him that time.

Remember to learn water safety and water respect!
~PMCBurkey 2013