Bibical Father Figure

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Who would you say is the most important father figure, other than God, in the Bible?
What is the reason for your answer?

Abraham? Abraham had an enormous task: as the promised father of many nations, being the enforcer of a bloody covenant of promise, a lifetime of waiting for the promised heir. Surely we would say in our hearts at times of stress, “Promises! Promises! Promises!” And yet Abraham kept the faith.

Adam? Adam had an enormous task: being created in the image of God and promised the dominion of all the creation!

Joseph? Joseph had an enormous task: being despised for taking Mary as his wife…the Jews would have stoned her, and yet Joseph believing the Angel, married her; Joseph’s love and care for Mary and Jesus was shown by his protecting them from discovery by Herod who would have destroyed Jesus the future King. It truly is a life of love that raises a child as one’s own.

Moses? Moses had an enormous task: being raised as an Egyptian heir while having love and compassion for his Hebrew people, and seeing them so harshly treated as the lowliest of slaves; leading his people out of Egypt while all the way they complained of their trials and tribulations–not having faith in the God who saves!

Noah? Noah had an enormous task: encouraging his family to believe what was to happen; building the huge ark; the months of caring for his family and all those animals while at sea…surely we would have had a terrible case of cabin fever with the horrendous task of poop scoop! And yet Noah persevered!

My choice is the unnamed man of Luke 15 that had two sons. One wanted his inheritance early to go off and live on his own. He wasted all he had on riotous living and was in dire want. So he decided to return home and was willing to live as a servant for his father just so he could eat again.

His father saw him coming from afar, ran out to him, embraced and kissed him, and ordered a welcome home party to be held in the son’s honor.

I believe the compassion and forgiveness displayed by this father is the picture of our heavenly Father.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

~PMCBurkey 2014