Mary Did You Know…
While your heart was all aglow…
Of all the places He would go…
And the love that He would show…
Amidst emotions high and low?
Were you aware of all the woe?
Mary, did you know?
~Penny Mahlyn 12/2018


Christ Mass

Christmas lifts the Spirit…
Listen, Listen…Hear it?
Carols and Bells…
What do they Tell?
It’s the Time to Recall
The Love Story for All,
And the Gift of the Season…
His Son is the Reason.
~Penny Mahlyn 2018

Out of the Past

Been thinking about the past, comparing yesterday’s implements with the technology of today.
I’ve used…

Outhouses, portajohns, indoor flushers, even dug holes to go outside in all kinds of weather in the Army.
Rotary dial telephones, coin-operated phones, push button phones, portable bag phones, the awesome cell phone, now even talk on phone via dashboard of car!
Hand operated wringer washing machines, electric wringers, automatic top loaders, front loaders, even hand washed all my clothes daily on washboards in the Army.
Line dry clothes, electric/gas clothes dryers, now even laundromats (who’d know we’d be taking our dirty laundry to public places?)
Hand wash dishes, electric dishwasher.
Black and white television with 3-5 channels, color television with many more channels (free via rooftop antenna), Select TV, now Cable TV with numerous channels I’d never watch (who’d know we’d be paying to watch TV?).
AM radio, AM/FM radio, AM/FM/Shortwave radio, and now there’s SiriusXM (who’d know we’d be paying to listen to radio broadcasts?).
I’ve cooked on camp fires, coal stoves, wood stoves, gas ranges, electric ranges, propane stoves in the Army, and now microwave ovens.
I’ve driven 3 speed automobiles, 4 speed automobiles, but wouldn’t want anything now but automatic.
“Yes, technology brings less strife;
But, I enjoy the simpler life!” 2017


“Tall Pines State Preserve”

We took our first hike around Gloucester County’s first State Park, formerly Tall Pines Golf Course, and Ron Jaworski’s Golf Course.
This place is so immense that you could probably hike and not encounter anyone else. But we did come upon a bird photographer, and four peeps walking dogs. Also was surprised by three huge unleashed dogs, followed by their three teens. They came running up on Priscilla. I was afraid they might be too aggressive towards her so I picked her up. I told the young men they were supposed to have the dogs leashed. One said, it’s ok, they won’t bite. I said, but you don’t know what my dog would do! So they apologized and we all moved on. Glad they were kind young men, and maybe next time they’ll follow the rules!

Tall Pines State Preserve is a 111-acre nature preserve in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The reserve opened in November 2015, and is Gloucester County’s first state park.


FORT MOTT in New Jersey…

I miss the ‘big guns’ 😦
I remember the school trips. In the ammo elevator room we’d say, “Here’s the rack where we stretch the prisoners 😉
Always enjoy the mystery and imagination inspired by Fort Mott.

Reminds me of my WAC days.

Would like to see it restored to an active sentinel in these terror times. 2015

Being Available

“Ice Cream in a Storm”

We decided to go get an ice cream cone tonight in the next town. Right before turning into parking lot, it started to rain. I debated on returning home, but we decided to brave it. Walking up to order window we see a father and little daughter we know. We talked a bit, then they left in the rain. They were heading across street to grocery store when the thunder and lightning started. The daughter was on bike and father on skateboard. We ordered our ice cream amidst the bellowing storm and hurried to the car.

I knew right away God put us here for a reason. It was to be available to pick up the father and daughter, bike, skateboard, groceries and carry them safe and dry to home. We have a small SUV that carried all to safe harbors.
Yes, God still works today! PTL ❤


“Out of Reach”

Went to Walmart today to buy gallons of water. They were up high and out of reach for this five footer! A lady nearby saw my dilemma and came and pulled one down for me. She asked how many did I need? I replied ten. She exclaimed, ten? I smiled and said she needn’t get them all, that I’d go look for an employee. She said that would take forever. So, she continued to pull the ten down for me. I thanked her. I said may God bless you, and I wished her a very Happy Mother’s Day!
God used us last night. Do you think today was pay back?

1 Timothy 6:18-19…That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.
Hebrews 13:1-2…Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


We had a mixed breed dog that we raised from a puppy. Tippy was her name. She was a loving, loyal dog. I remember her having a litter of pups and we found them homes. When my parents divorced, my Mother took on a live-in job to help a widower raise his three children. I went with her, but Tippy couldn’t go with us. My mother gave her to a friend. Later, I wondered why we never went to visit Tippy. Mom then had to tell me that Tippy wouldn’t eat and finally died. I realized it wasn’t a lack of food that killed her, it was a broken heart. I had trouble forgiving​ my mother, and blamed her for Tippy’s death. I later realized mom did what she thought was best at the time. I learned that dogs are more than just animals, they were created in love to befriend and comfort us. The love they have for us is everlasting, and with separation they grieve for us as we would a family member who lives on in our hearts and memories.  2017